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great new game store [Jan. 9th, 2008|10:57 am]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr
Hey guys, does anyone here live in New Jersey? If you do, there is an awesome new game store called Play N Trade there, it's on the corner of Rt 9 & Union Hill Rd, in the Exclusive Plaza.

I've been there a few times and they are so much better than EBGames or GAMEstop. First of all, the guy who owns it actualy knows a lot about games, and he'll talk to you about them, and he can reccomend great games. They have games from every system from Wii, to old school systems like NES and even Atari. They also take trade ins for old games and they give a much better price than EB or GAMEStop. It's an indivudialy owned store, not a corporate store, so they aren't pushy, they don't have any quota's to meet or anything like that.

They also have a service that no other store has......DISC REPAIR. They have a huge industrial disc resurfacer that they can use to fix any disc, whether its a game, a cd, or a dvd...and it only costs $3. I had a game that wasn't working that I was going to toss, but I took it there and now it works!!!

Another cool thing that they do is that they let you play the game in the store if you want. They have consoles set up where if you ask, they can put in just about any game that they have in stock and you can play it for a few minutes to see if you like it. (FOR FREEEEEEEE) Where else can you do that?

The owner also told me that they are planning a HALO 3 TOURNAMENT!!!!!!!! for Feb 9. First place will be like a $75 gift certificate and they will have free pizza and food and 10% off anything used in the store


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From: galgamer
2008-01-16 06:53 pm (UTC)
yes, they trade dvds

they trade dvds, games, systems, even old systems like atari
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