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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2007|09:22 pm]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr

[Current Location |Burlington, ON]

Hello everyone!
I'm new here, and I'm also an amateur when it comes to gaming, but I wanted to ask the experts a question. Lately I've been becoming more and more curious about virtual world games (like Second Life) but I was wondering if there is any such game that doesn't require the player to download it. ie. it lives on your browser rather than on your computer.
Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
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3D-аниматоры в Питере - срочно нужны [Nov. 20th, 2007|10:22 pm]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr

Срочно требуются 3D-аниматоры – фриланс. Ряд коротких анимаций без персонажа. Невоодушевленные предметы, задача: движение камеры – наезд/отъезд, облет; световые эффекты.

Ответственность, опыт, работа в Maya – обязательны.


Подписываем контракт, работа в теч. след. недели.


Честная оплата (крупная компания).

Контакт: spamvikk гав-гав mail.ru

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New games [Nov. 19th, 2007|05:10 pm]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr

There are a ton of new games out there I'm right now enjoying crysis even on my non gamer pc. Runs just fine at low, until I got to a scripting issue. Bioshock was good until I got to a spot where the game stopped working (i got past it after reloading 100 times took me 2 weeks to get past the safe room, ug.  What games is everyone here playing if any? I tried gears of war but it won't even run and Helgate London got boring fast.

p.s. Not a system issue I just have bad luck
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Have Your Say About The Banning Of Manhunt 2 In Britain! [Oct. 9th, 2007|05:26 pm]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr
I'm sure that lots of people have been disappointed by the BBFC's decision to ban manhunt 2 from being sold in Britain.

Anyone that has been affected by this decision, or is simply annoyed by this, have your say by emailing the BBFC. I received a quick reply from them, so don't hesitate to contact them addressing your concerns.

You will hopefully email them if you don't like being treated like a baby, and think that adults should have the right ot make their own decisions. I emphasised this point in my emails to them.

The email address is: contact_the_bbfc@bbfc.co.uk
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2007|10:01 pm]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr

[mood |worriedworried]

If anyone here is interested in trading gaiaonline items & gold for USD please PM me for details. I really need to raise some money. Thanks-
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Bioshock [Sep. 1st, 2007|10:50 am]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr

[mood |shockedBioShocked]
[music |Bioshock Soundtrack]

Bioshock is the best and worst game of all time. It so far is a great game, one of the best and I will strong recommend it unfortunately the tech support forum has 2,249 threads of issue. I have spent about 10 hours trying to get my game to run and 4 hours playing it. It crashes every 30 minutes on average and I have to turn off features to make it work.

It does still look good, the play is fun and the story is great my recommendation, is to buy it in January, after the patch.
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HoG Arcade [Aug. 27th, 2007|06:40 am]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr

Fun filled arcade...
Over 3,000 games!

Easy code, for embedding games into forums and sites (such as Myspace)!

HoG Arcade
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Popular PC FPS? [Aug. 21st, 2007|10:48 am]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr

[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |MC Frontalot - Crime Spree]

Haven't seen a post here in a while...

I was thinking I'd like to do a little online shooting of peoples, but wasn't sure what to go with... Counterstrike remains popular naturally, but what are other good games PC FPS games are popular nowadays? I'm rather out of touch...
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Let the sales continue. [Jul. 5th, 2007|02:04 am]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr
I'm continuing to list a large portion of my videogame collection on eBay due to current finances and this time it's all of my SNES games. I put up 6 RPG's and an 11 game lot with odds and ends in it. Rather than link each one, HERE is a link to my sellers page with links to each auction.

Each auction states that i'll only ship within the US but if you send me a message saying that you are from this LJ community, I will be happy to ship the game/games wherever.

I listed Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 2, 3 & Mystic Quest, Super Mario RPG & Ogre Battle. The 11 game lot consists of Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Sim City, Mortal Kombat, Super Battleship, Super Slam Dunk (don't ask), UN Squadron, X Zone, Super Star Wars and Super Ghouls n' Ghosts.

*cross posted to 2 or 3 LJ communities.
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InGameDex (IGDx): The In-depth Gaming Database [Apr. 24th, 2007|03:55 am]
HardCore Gaming - http://www.denofevil.co.nr

The web has a lot to offer, even so far as game FAQ's are concerned. However, I find it completely inconvenient having to Google search for the info I need. Then when you find a decent FAQ, you have to sift through a large fully text page.

The InGameDex is a public location for all in-game data to easily be collected and viewed. This project has just started, and we are looking for video game enthusiasts who would like to contribute. IGDx covers every game, every item, every boss, every palace, every monster, etc.

InGameDex makes all of this data linkable through a MediaWiki engine, allowing users from all over the globe to input and assit in making the InGameDex even more expansive. (View the Secret of Mana page to get an idea of how content is organized and displayed.)

Text isn't all we have to offer. Add image files, such as sprites and screenshots. Embed video playthroughs that you or someone else has created and uploaded to YouTube. Any bit of information about a game, in any form, is helpful to the greater cause.

We also have a nifty template setup. You can quickly find a nice wallpaper sized image on Google, and throw together a 760x120 banner image for the layout of every game page. Check out these pages for examples: Metroid, Tetris, Katamari Damacy, and Legend of Zelda:TP. Simply upload your template images, and then go to our Theme Submissions page for me details. :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on our InGameDex FAQ page. ( That way they're kept archived nicely.) Or, you can just reply here.

We're adding content everyday, but there is so much to be done. So, if you can help, please do! User account or not.

Thanks for your time and attention!
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